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We're two comic makers. We are also Youtubers, if u want to check us out, go to links below.


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Posted by theZBduo - May 13th, 2021

Hey guys, it's me Zah1r

I though it would be better to get some art that is not something i've made with Benja out from here, and instead post it on my personal account, if u visit our account for my art (for some reason, because i don't know why would you do that lmao, my art is trash) then u don't have to unfollow this account, I will still post art, but only if it's related to something I've made with Benja or directly something I made with him

Example: I will post stuff related to dimensions or related to our comics here, while I will post fanart and stuff like that in my personal account

Anyways, that's it

Have a good day :D

Posted by theZBduo - April 22nd, 2021

English: Hello everyone, it's me, Zah1r. Benja posted something yesterday about we making a spanish version of dimensions 1, we finished it!

Now anyone from the spanish-speaking community in newgrounds can read it!

Click Here to read it

We hope you like it


Español: Hola a todos, soy yo, Zah1r. Benja hizo un post ayer sobre que íbamos a hacer una versión en español de Dimensions 1, la terminamos!

Ahora cualquier persona de la comunidad de habla española en newgrounds puede leerlo!

Clickea Aquí para leerlo

Ojalá que les guste


Posted by theZBduo - April 21st, 2021

Hello everyone!! its me Benja and theres some news about Dimensions :

1- Comic 2 is in development with my hyphen almost ready to publish it

2- The development of characters of my property are already ready, not counting those of zahir (that he will develop them so as not to skip something with the history of his characters)

3-The Spanish version will be available in a while for the Spanish-speaking community

4- In comic 2 we will add: the introduction of the stranger from the bunker, 4 new characters will be added, 2 new dimensions (1 original and another a parody, track in Spanish to make it more difficult lol: 5 noches con el robot malo)

5- I remove a character from the original hyphen so they won't be able to see her in the comic due to personal problems with her, I'm nobody to say what happened without her permission

6- I want to clarify that the characters do not represent us at all as we are in person, they are only exaggerations or aggregations to give comedy or seriousness depending on the matter

7-Practically the script of comic 3, 4 and 5 are already ready so when the development of 2 is finished we will start quickly with the others' vignettes :D

8-After Comic 5, we'll take a break for a few weeks to get some rest, so tendran que esperar!

thanks for reading greetings!

Hasta la proxima !